Loan Against Deposits

Members are not allowed to close their term deposits within three months after opening them, as per Nidhi regulations.

Nidhi companies are permitted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs NOT to give any interest rates for term deposits for Six Months.

In this scenario, we encourage our members to take Loan Against Deposit. Members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 80% of the deposited value with an additional 3% of interest charges on deposit.

Members cannot pledge other banks’ or financial institutions’ deposit bonds. So, members can pledge only deposits made with us.

  • Medical Emergency

  • Child Educations

  • Wedding Purpose.

  • Abroad Travel & etc

Features of Loan Against Deposits

Our Loan against Deposit is quite easy to apply and fast processing and approval.

Loan Amount

Minimum loan is Rs 5000/-

Choose your amount

Get instant loan against your deposits

Enjoy the best rates

Avail 90% of loan on Deposited amount

Processing and Approval

Fast Approval

Loan Against Deposits - Eligibility

  • Pledge the deposit receipt.
  • Bank Account
  • PAN Card.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question about our loan products , feel free to contact our customer care

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