Fixed Deposit

Our term deposit products offer certainly competitive interest rates to our members. Based on Fixed Deposit, Members’ monthly/Quarterly interest will be credited directly into their Savings Deposit Account, NEFT transferred to their Bank Accounts and Cash Payment on the last day of each Month or Quarter.

We always give Life to your Money to Grow Safe in our Hands. The Interest Rates are attractive and highest among the “NIDHI” Companies.The Interest is Credited automatically into your Savings Bank Account specified

General - Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit Scheme Rate of Interest
  6 Months 6.75% p.a.
  9 Months 7.25% p.a
  1 Year 7.75% p.a
  2 Years 8.25% p.a


*Interest Payable Quarterly (For Monthly Interest Less:0.05%)

Senior Citizen - Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit Scheme Rate of Interest
  6 Months 7.25 % p.a.
  9 Months 7.75 % p.a.
   1 Year 8.25%p.a
  2 Years 8.75%p.a


*Interest Payable Quarterly (For Monthly Interest Less:0.05%)

Key Features of Fixed Deposits

  • Respective interest rates according to the given period in the above table for both FD & CD Schemes are same
  • 3 months – No Foreclosure will be allowed as per Nidhi Regulations
  • Before expiry of 6 months No Interests will be paid as per Nidhi Regulations
  • If the foreclosure is done before ONE Year, but after 6 Months then, 5% ROI is applicable
  • Foreclosure charges – Deduction of 2% from the agreed interest
  • Min Period – 6 Months
  • Max Period – 5 Years
  • Loan Against Deposit (LAD) is available. 3% additional interest will be charged from agreed ROI
  • Monthly/Quarterly interest will be credited directly to the SD account, further can be transferred to Member’s other bank accounts based on standing instruction
  • PAN is mandatory. TDS deduction is applicable as per the instructions given by GOI

Fixed Deposit Eligibility

  • Must be a share holder, holding 10 shares  of Rs. 10/- each
  • All Transactions with members only

Documents Required

  • Address proof (Aadhar).
  • ID proof (PAN).
  • Bank Account Details
  • Others

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